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aura banner


The ultimate end of performance

We have learned perfection from the past. This is how the luxurious reflective aura of Glint tint was born.
Combining the fine nano-ceramic DNA and the mirror-lux optical technology, Aura has the latest technology that boasts the best performance as a 5th generation luxury nano-ceramic film that transcends the times.

Designed to ensure the best clarity and performance in all driving environments, thanks to the 98.5% solar heat blocking performance, it goes without saying that the hot summer is pleasant and the time spent with the family in the car is very happy.

The ultimate end of performance

The finest window film material requires attention to detail. Employees of the manufacturing line with rich experience in ultra-high quality fine material coating pay as much attention as possible to 170 details to meet the quality level expected by the top customers.

Unrivaled and modern appearance

The beautiful appearance of Glint tint aura is enough to catch the eye of everyone. It gives a luxurious and modern feel that is so beautiful that it reminds us of the existence of colorless aurora.

The ultimate end of performance

The cozy feeling of Aura window tint film is because it is completed with ultra-clear color and internal anti-reflection fusion coating. Now, with Aura's internal special coating technology, you can drive comfortably and safely at night, in the rain, or on long trips.

Performance - The ultimate end

Extreme visibility

GLASSTINT Aura film is based on a precise composite material made by dividing the existing nano particles into 1/1000 and is the crystallization of the latest 5th generation nano technology. It dramatically reduces the fine adult tremors found while driving and allows you to enjoy the pleasure of driving with a clear view.

Feel the extreme heat blocking instinct.

GLASSTINT Aura (AURA) window tinting has been designed to go beyond the limit when it is the peak of the hottest solar heat, opening up a new horizon for pleasant driving. The ability to block 98% of the long infrared wavelength (1500-2500 nanometers) that generates hot heat in solar energy is clearly the best performance among the best. In fact, you can enjoy driving and traveling with peace of mind by exposing the indoor temperature up to 14 degrees Celsius.

AURA 10 13 20 11 7 20 73 98 98 99 0.36 76
AURA 25 25 14 12 13 13 74 97 96 99 0.43 70
  • VLT : Visible Light Transmission (%)
  • VLR : Visible Light Reflection [EXT: External / INT: Internal] (%)
  • SE : Solar Energy [TRA: Transmittance / REF: Reflection / ABS: Absorbance] (%)
  • IRR : Infrared Ray Rejection (%)
  • UVR : Ultraviolet Ray Rejection (%)
  • SC : Shading Coefficient
  • TSER : Total Solar Energy Rejection (%)